Our Philosophy

At Little Honey Bee Family Day Care we strongly believe that each child and their family deserve respect and attention. Parents are considered teammates and advocates for their children. We strongly accept cultural diversity and respect all beliefs, religions, traditions and cultural backgrounds. We are committed in providing a professional environment and accept ongoing professional development to maintain this.

At Little Honey Bee FDC, we recognize our obligations and responsibilities in guaranteeing and upholding current workplace policies, procedures and standards so that the family day care continues to be a safe environment for the children.

At Little Honey Bee FDC, we recognize that Family Day Care is an important and unique type of childcare setting where we will be providing a more approachable service in looking after a small group of children. We also recognize that each individual child and their family will have diverse needs and may each require different services. At Little Honey Bee FDC, we value the importance of family and that it is the child’s most significant aspect in their lives.